About The Cuisiner

When I started this blog in 2011, I was a university undergrad living in Philadelphia, PA. I was a foodie who liked to cook and eat like nobody’s business. One problem: I had little to no money to eat good food. I was supporting myself, going to school full time, and had three jobs by the time I graduated.

Fast forward to today: I graduated with a degree in History and currently live in West Texas with my husband while he trains for his USAF career. I am no longer working three jobs, nor spending 25-30 hours on school. But we are definitely still on a budget.

The “New” Cuisiner will still be based on cost-effective, delicious recipes, reviews of note-worthy products, and the occasional restaurant review.  I’ve also been know to branch out to study abroad fashion and food trends, so watch out!

It’s not easy paying twice as much on student loans as on groceries, but we make it work. My new goal in life and on this blog is to demonstrate how to eat healthy and how to eat well for two people for $300 a month. (Including most toiletries.)

Even though we are no longer in college, we still eat like college cuisiners. That means quality, well-balanced meals a foodie would be proud of without spending a lot. If you break it down we spend $5 a day per person on food, or $1.66 per meal. 

I’ve tried to strike a balance between books like The Working Class Foodies Cookbook by Rebecca Lando and Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half With America’s Cheapest Family by Steve and Annette Economides. Both books have been helpful in determining our own style of eating and shopping. I hope to share the tips I’ve learned along the way while also tasting good. Because life is too short to only eat hotdogs and pickles.

I've recorded a lot of fantastic adventures on this blog, including my semester-abroad in London, our engagement in Paris, and everything else in between. Right now I like being a librarian living in West Texas with my husband and MiKi puppy, Tolstoy. We have no idea what the future holds for us as we travel and start new adventures, but as always we are looking forward to eating and exploring as we go along.  What’s next? No idea, but I hope you stick around to find out.


The “New” Cuisiner